Is winter break too long?

With the kickstart of the spring semester, students are met with conflicting feelings. Joy and comfort with the presence of their college family, topped with stress and dread of the upcoming semester and the load of work it plans on bringing.

While upperclassmen have adjusted to the seasonal breaks, this extended Christmas break is new for freshmen, who are used to a shortened intermission rather than a month long one. How did the class of 2022 feel about their first mini vacation from school? Stay tuned to find out.

From the pictures, stories and captions posted on all social medias, the freshmen class seemed to have a variety of feelings regarding their Christmas break.

Some felt nostalgic returning home. It brought them happiness to go back to their hometown and meet up with old high school friends and spend quality time with close and extended family. The month long break gave them the opportunity and time to do everything they wanted to, and with whom they wanted, with enough time to relax and enjoy being a couch potato.

These students felt more refreshed after a month out of school, whereas the couple of days and a week break prior to Christmas had no effect on them.

Other students, however, believed this break overstayed its welcome. After about two weeks, these students were more than ready to return to USI and be back into the groove of school with the people they’re closest with. They feel the transition back into the spring semester will be more difficult compared to how worry-free it was for fall and Thanksgiving break.

Personally, I have to pull the Switzerland card on this one. I was beyond ready to return to my new home in Evansville as early as a week after break began.

USI is full of positive energy with people who support and uplift one another, and I thrive being in that environment. However, having a month break gave me the opportunity to relax and not worry about 14 upcoming deadlines.

I was able to be carefree and catch up on some hobbies and interests of mine that I didn’t have time for during school. I would have preferred a two weeks (maximum) Christmas break to give me time for some fun, but to also give  a smoother transition back into the “independent adult” life, but beggars can’t be choosers.

With the beginning of another year, and another semester,  I requested some advice from a professor on how to make the next four months successful.

“Every semester and every day is a fresh start,”they said.  “ If things you hoped for and planned to happen didn’t go accordingly last semester, or even yesterday, don’t give up. You determine what each day and semester will look like. Learn from your experience in the first semester, because now, you are an experienced college student. You know more this semester than you did in August. Embrace your knowledge, and never hesitate to ask for help. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun, enjoy yourself and be kind to yourself and those around you.”

And with that being said, good luck to every student at USI this semester.