‘Leap!’ inspires to chase dreams, take chances

Leap! inspires to chase dreams, take chances

“Leap!” is a light-hearted, animated film that is enjoyable for the characters’ journey of making their dreams become a reality.

Set in the 1800s, two orphans break out of their orphanage to embark on an adventure to the City of Lights, a.k.a. Paris, where they will be able to accomplish their goals.

Félicie, a spunky redheaded girl, has a dream of becoming a ballerina, but she lacks the proper training. Her best friend, Victor, is an amateur inventor and wishes to “make it big” in the city full of inspiration.

Victor falls into a position where he might be closer to accomplishing his dream than Félicie, but Félicie is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal, even if that means working ten times harder than everyone else. Her journey begins when she steals an invitation to join the infamous school of the Paris Opera Ballet.

The film is considered a comedy, and it does not fail to make one laugh. Humorous moments are shown by the lines of dialogue, along with the actions portrayed by the characters. Watching a second time brings the same amount of joy as the first. Laughter always finds its way.

“Leap!” takes place in Paris, so it is full of French culture, though to pick up on the references, one must be paying close attention. A flicker of the French language is trickled throughout the film, causing the film to have a Parisian feel.

Many relationships are portrayed in “Leap!”, such as Félicie and Victor’s. They left the orphanage together and are best friends, but Victor sees Félicie beyond that title. Félicie struggles with knowing what she really wants. Regardless, their relationship is full of cute and awkward moments as Victor tries to tell Félicie how he really feels.

Félicie is alone on her first day in Paris, but she meets someone who shows her kindness. Odette used to be a dancer, but because of an accident, she won’t be able to ever partake in ballet again. Through Félicie’s time at the Paris Opera Ballet, Odette becomes her mentor and the closest thing she has to a mother. Although their relationship started out rocky, it couldn’t be helped to cheer them on as it was evident they needed each other.

Félicie joined the Paris Opera Ballet by stealing the identity of another girl, Camille. Camille is seen as the antagonist throughout the film, but in the end, Félicie and Camille work out their differences.

Instead, the real antagonist shows up. Conveyed by her daughter, Camille’s mother Régine is furious as it should be “her” spot. Usually, it’s not the child’s fault for doing something mean, and “Leap!” portrays this nicely. Régine is living her life through her daughter, as the only reason, Camille dances is because her mother makes her.

A big theme in “Leap!” is passion and following dreams. Félicie and Victor are both told that dreams are not a reality as they are seen as orphans who could never accomplish anything. But because of the passion they have, they show the determination of what it will take to achieve their goals.

Félicie shows that she may not have the skills to become a dancer, but her passion and determination make her dreams possible. It’s important to not give up because of negative comments gave towards a dream. Anything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you have a sense of where you want to go.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)