Problems of higher education

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Students may believe that this college is one of many across the country that has perfected cost-effective education.

However, every college in the United States and the institution of higher education as a whole faces a number of problems that could be hindering students’ education and costing too much.

One of these problems is that education itself is not the focus of every college.

Many markets themselves, either consciously or unconsciously, as a ticket to an easy lifestyle, an opportunity for camaraderie and friendship and a symbol of prestige guaranteeing a stable income later in life. This issue can be solved through the use of modern communication technology.

Instead of paying to go to a college and living in their inconvenient housing arrangements, students could directly contact their professors through a number of online platforms. One of these which is becoming increasingly popular is MOOC’s or massive open online courses.

These allow students to directly communicate back and forth with educators and take part in online lectures and classwork. The current education paradigm began almost a millennium ago in medieval Europe. Given those aspects of society like social values, politics and even transportation have drastically changed since then, shouldn’t an institution as important as education change as well?

I believe that through integrating technology into the traditional educational system, more students will be able to learn in an atmosphere suited to modern times with much greater ease and efficiency.

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