This generation’s electronic devices

When we walk around campus, we always see people on their phones.

Most mornings while riding the bus, nobody talks to each other. Every single student on that bus is staring at their cell phones or mobile devices. It is like everyone is in their own little world, and for the most part, they are heads down, headphones or earbuds in and not worrying about others around them.

What if for once people started actually socializing with each other? What if instead of texting friends that are already in class, we look up and make new friends? Has technology hurt the way we interact with others?

With today’s generation, we all tend to communicate through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or text messages. Rarely do we use voicemail.

In fact, most do not even have their voicemails set up. The only time you really notice someone talking on the phone is if they are talking to someone from an older generation, if they need information immediately or if they are just too lazy or busy to type out a message.

Even when we are not communicating through our cell phones, we are playing games or reading to avoid communicating with the people around us. We have turned to an online community instead of the communities that are right there in front of us.

Today’s generation even has online schooling. At a young age, our generation was introduced to learning on electronic devices.

It has gotten to the point where n middle school we were switched from learning from books and turning things in on paper to learning on computers through online programming and turning things electronically. Some schools still use a hybrid of the two types of learning.

However, technology has become a huge part of the learning process in today’s world. Whether it comes to taking the class completely online or just using a laptop, tablet or other electronics to take notes in class, students tend to always be on an electronic device the entire school day. Even elementary age children are learning on electronic devices now instead of the “old fashioned” way of textbooks and paper.

When communicating online, it is also much easier for people to hide. They do not have to face people in person. Therefore, people are more likely to say things they would not actually say in person. It is easier to act like someone you are not online.

Therefore, people can have different personalities online than they do in person. This is what created cyber-bullying. People can hide behind a computer screen with a screen name to remain anonymous.

This brings up the question of whether this generation would benefit from unplugging every once and awhile.  

Our generation needs to unplug from our electronic devices. Our communication skills would improve, and our overall social skills could benefit from it.

It would even benefit our health. Just think about the strain that we put on our eyes staring at a screen. Think about the number of hours we sit inside watching television or behind a computer screen instead of being outside and interacting with people face to face.

How many people could survive if all technology stopped working? Our generation needs to focus on survival skills instead of thinking that we will always have the internet to help us figure out how to do things.

Yes, the internet and electronic devices have made our lives much easier and more efficient. However, it has also made us addicted to our cell phones and being plugged in at all times of the day and night. Almost everyone knows someone that will flip out if their phone dies and they have no way to charge it or if they do not have access to the internet.

This is becoming a huge problem in our generation.

Studies have shown that cell phone addiction is real. Ninety percent of people in the United States own a smartphone, and out of those people, 67 percent of the people admitted that they have checked their phone for a message or notification even when it did not vibrate.

Honestly, those numbers are quite scary. Just think about the number of times you check your phone per day. Could you be addicted to your cell phone? Do you get angry, irritable or restless when you are not on your cell phone?

Overall, our generation would benefit from unplugging from our electronic devices for even just a few hours a day. It would give our eyes a rest, get us to interact with people around us and just benefit us in general.

This could be difficult for some. However, in the end, it would all be worth it. Do you think you could unplug for a few hours a day? Would you survive without your electronic devices?