Mysterious hero brings justice in ‘School 2017’


Justice is attained through the actions of a hooded figure who knows how corrupt his school is, but everyday life at school gets a little more interesting when one of his plans doesn’t go too smoothly.

“School 2017” is all about equality and righteousness coming into play at an unfair, discriminating school.

A student by the name of Eun Ho, at the wrong place at the wrong time, looks like she was stealing something from the teacher’s office. Before she was caught, she saw a hooded man, who goes by the name of X, jump from the window. To prove her innocence, Eun Ho must figure out who X is.

Part of X’s goal is to achieve justice throughout the school system. He notices how corrupt the system is, how the principal abuses his power of who he’s willing to help get into college and how a demerit system is put into play, pitting friend against friend to get rid of their demerits.

Discrimination can be seen in schools in the U.S. just the same as in the school portrayed in the drama taking place in South Korea. If someone receives bad grades, they are assumed to be a troublemaker, which might not always be the case.

Students with the wealthier parents are treated differently than others. Dae Hwi is first in his class, but his opportunities for getting scholarships are lower than another student who comes from a wealthy family because the principal does not deem Dae Hwi worthy.

Competitions to win scholarships are rigged by the wealthy, and X reveals this. The son of the chairman, Tae Woon, does not do well in school and as a video is shown of him receiving special treatment from the principal, justice prevails when the principal is removed for the disapproval received from students and staff at the school.

In “School 2017,” this drama shows a lot of good qualities that include mystery, dark aspects of real life and a dash of romance. Each episode brings up a new revelation, whether it’s about a student’s dark past that makes them into who they are today, a clue to prove who X might be or something X did to get back at the school.

The drama touches on the expectation of going to college. If someone doesn’t plan on going to college, they are frowned upon and looked at as if they are doomed in life. Although there are depressing topics like this in the plot, they don’t overshadow the entirety of the drama.

A budding romance sparks between two characters that add a lighthearted feel to the show, along with humor that comes with the awkwardness of first love. The relationship between students and families are tested throughout the line of events happening in the school.

The mystery of finding out who X is turns into a mystery of how he keeps his identity a secret when his secret keeps being revealed to more and more people. What X  will do when everyone is on the hunt to reveal his identity is a constant heart racing event, and it doesn’t help when people get close to figuring out who he is.

“School 2017” has a bunch of surprises and elements that keep the show entertaining as a binge-worthy drama. What the students are going through can be relatable as they try to find their way in life as young adults. This is a great and easy watch of a coming-of-age drama that doesn’t stress out the heart or mind too much.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)