‘This is Us’ full of quality, family topics


“This Is Us” is a quality, relatable network television show on NBC that has broken records.

Whereas many dramas aimed toward older audiences like “Lost” have storylines that become needlessly complicated or trite, “This Is Us” takes a more wholesome approach to family life by analyzing the way they connect with each other and deal with problems. The realistic lens used in the show creates an atmosphere of humanness which draws people in.

The show comprises of triplets Kevin, Randall and Kate, and their mother Rebecca who are still dealing with the loss of their father, Jack. Much of the story revolves around the triplets’ childhood and the way their father impacted them.

The triplets’ issues span from addiction to the feeling of abandonment. Kevin and Kate both have experience with addiction. While Kate struggles with binge eating, Kevin goes to alcohol and prescription pills to cope.

These issues could easily lead the show to turn into a dark corner. Instead, Kevin and Kate tackle their demons through therapy and exercise.

Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, was adopted by Jack and Rebecca as a baby on the same day of Kevin and Kate’s birth.

His blackness and being raised by a white family are analyzed through his relationships. His siblings do not often treat him as their equal and exclude him from their bond, while his mother dotes on him more than the others. His father figures are what really come to impact his character.

His adopted father, Jack, embraces Randall’s love for science and math. He encourages him to do great things and go where no one has gone. The return of his biological father, William, helps Randall find his identity. Though he loses both of his fathers, he feels complete and strives to carry on their legacy.

Race, family and addiction are only a few of the topics displayed throughout the program.

It also draws on the hardships of infertility and mental health. All three siblings have mental diseases such as depression and anxiety. Instead of these diseases controlling their lives, the siblings decide to get help in a differing shape or form. This sends the message to the audience that mental health is not something to be ashamed of.

Burying your issues and putting on a mask of contentment will harm someone further.

“This Is Us” may be a network television show, but it goes against the norm by presenting real characters who have real issues.

The obstacles in their life are balanced with the small joys they encounter. By delving into reality, these characters have helped us face the darkest parts of ourselves.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)