Women’s basketball team to walk for a cure

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The women’s basketball team will walk with the university team for the 2018 Komen Evansville Tri-State Race for the Cure. The race will begin at 7 a.m. Sunday at the Eastland Mall.

Alex Davidson described the Race for the Cure as moving and empowering.

The women’s basketball team will walk with the university team for the 2018 Komen Evansville Tri-State Race for the Cure Sunday at the Eastland Mall.

Susan G. Komen is an organization focused on raising funds for local programs and national research relating to breast cancer. Participants in the 5k race can run or walk with teams or individuals.

Davidson, a senior education major, will participate in the event for the fourth time this year.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Davidson said. “You’re just surrounded by a bunch of people who are trying to find a cure for breast cancer so it’s pretty moving.”

Davidson said both survivors and people currently affected with breast cancer participate in the race.

“It’s kind of fun because people dress up,” Davidson said. “There’s obviously people that run it and take it seriously and there are prizes for people who win and medals and what not. But a lot of the time, it’s just like families who get together and dress up.”

Davidson said the basketball team wears matching USI shirts with basketball shorts and as much pink stuff as they can.

“When you get there, they have tents set up where stores and business are promoting their product, but also giving away stuff for free,” Davidson said. “They have pink necklaces you can wear and there’s a tent where you can get sprayed with a bunch of pink. It’s just a lot of fun and we make it fun.”

Sophomore special education and elementary education major Emma DeHart said that it’s important for the community to see the basketball team walk together and represent for the cause. She said being a part of the Race for the Cure makes her feel better as a person.

“Everybody’s affected by cancer some way, whether it’s family or friends,” DeHart said. “Last year, we had a family friend die of brain cancer. So, for anyone affected by breast cancer, it really means a lot to them.”

DeHart said everyone on the basketball team seemed really excited for the race because it’s a good cause and a chance to get out in the community.

“It’s a good way for Evansville and the people in Evansville to see that USI gives to events and charities like this,” DeHart said. “I think it gives USI a good name”

Although the USI team is no longer accepting applications, individuals can still sign up online at komenevansville.org. The event will begin at 7 a.m. Sunday at the Eastland Mall.

Davidson said students should join the race to support the cause.

“My coach always says, ‘when you look around and you’re surrounded by all these women, you know someone you know could easily be affected,’” Davidson said. “I think it’s important that we all support each other and raise money to find a cure for it.”