“Mt. Joy” album relatable and symbolic


“And here comes Jesus in an Astrovan rolling down the strip again. He’s stoned while Jerry plays,” starts out the lyrics to Mt. Joy’s first single “Astrovan.”

In just over a year, the small, Philly-originating, Los Angeles-based band with a love for music have become a hot commodity.

Mt. Joy has been blowing up on the scene since the release of that first single just over a year ago. The success of it has led to a self-titled album and currently a nationwide tour.

The indie-rock group is truly a band that makes you feel something.

With lyrics that talk about current political situations, ordering food from your crush at the fast food counter while under the influence of the devil’s lettuce and how life on the road as an up-and-coming musician can cause you to be a lousy partner, Mt. Joy truly helps you relate to the music.

You can also find the symbolism of a hippie Jesus, a bigfoot relishing in his solitude and a lost love remembered through the sight of raw tomatoes.

The album is great to listen to while on the road, cruising down the Lloyd by yourself or sitting on a porch with your friends enjoying a few frosty tops. This album is definitely meant to be enjoyed while chilling out. Definitely not while trying to rage or go nuts at some backwoods party.  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)