Art Show Crowd

Emma Corry

Wanting to support my artistic friends, I walked to the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries eager to see the artwork they had worked so hard on.

However, I was unable to enjoy the art around me for one simple reason: it was too crowded. The once still and tranquil gallery setting was crammed full with friends, family and professors of the many art students, everyone stuck in the same spot.
While I debated staying for the award ceremony, the woman standing beside me abruptly turned into me. Completely unprepared, I stumbled back a step off-balance straight into the display stand. The three pieces shook, making a terrifying rattle against the table.  

After reassuring myself the pieces were fine and settled again, I began to make my difficult exit from the gallery, not wanting to be in the overcrowded environment a minute longer.
I had been so excited for this exhibit and awards ceremony, yet can’t help but feel extremely disappointed in the lack of planning.

While this way of pushing everyone into the same room may have worked in past years, I think we’ve surpassed the population limit and then some.
This problem is more than just crowding, but the result of it. The students displaying their work invited their friends and family to come, but if there is not enough room, who’s to say they’ll want to come again?  
There are tons of empty lecture halls and other accommodations during the weekends so it should not be too difficult to find a room to host the awards ceremony in, giving everyone more space and places to sit rather than stand.
After expressing my irritation to my professor, she informed me Kleymeyer Hall has already been booked for next year for the live broadcast of the award ceremony.

It is unclear if this will become an annual booking though, and if it is not, then it’s just a false hope.
While I’m optimistic for next year’s show to improve with this addition, I’m still disappointed I was unable to stay and applaud the hard-working art students.