It’s Time To See The Counselor

It’s time to go see the counselor.

I sit at this desk an I rub my eyes for the tenth time hoping the words will pour out onto the screen.

I sigh staring at the white and black pixels, and I know, this isn’t healthy. I need to check out. I need to talk to someone.

A lot of people perceive going to the counselor’s office as something you do after a major event. You hear that the students go and see an after the parkland incident or after a student commits suicide. Their door is open for more than just catastrophic events.

Sometimes life just catches up to you. Before you know it you haven’t exercised in two weeks, you stopped cooking for yourself and when it comes to your homework assignments, you have nothing. I sometimes come back and forth to an assignment for an hour and never accomplish anything.

This is when you need to reboot.

Just like when your phone freezes up, the solution is a hard reset.

Sometimes I can reboot with a game of basketball, sometimes I need to leave all my electronics and lose myself in a cup of coffee for 15 minutes. This is not one of those times.

This time I need to talk. Sometimes nothing major happens, I’m not feeling bad. My brain just feels fried. Between going to work, student activities and a student workload my head just becomes a fog. I can’t focus until I get it unfried.

The counselors here on campus help.