‘Still in Love’ lyrics hold meaning, tell a story

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The up-and-coming band “Thirdstory” has been publishing youtube videos for over three years, but have only recently announced the dropping of their first album, “Cold Heart” set to be available everywhere for purchase on March 9, 2018. One of the songs on the album is the remastered version of “Still in Love”, a song the group wrote with featured artist Eryn Allen Kane.

Though the sound quality of the song has been improved, it still possesses the same vocal and musical geniuses of the original version. The song tells the story of two individuals who have split apart but find that, despite all they’ve been through, they’re still in love with another.

The tight harmonies and beautifully executed riffs and ruffs combine to create a soulful musical masterpiece. Each of the four individuals has a designated role in their vocal escapades, yet can blend their voices to sound as smooth as whipped butter on a hot blueberry muffin.

From the very first notes played on the piano, “Still in Love” sets the mood for the remainder of the song, taking a rocking jazz tempo worthy of a finger snap. Each note, lyric, and chord progression takes the listener on a musical journey, flowing back and forth like the steady stream of a river.

Unlike many popular songs of this time, the song isn’t annoyingly repetitive. The lyrics hold meaning and help to tell the story of the two star-crossed lovers. Each verse is different and takes turns explaining a side of the story, starting with separate sides but merging into one love story in the end.

Though the song is only one of many sets to appear on the album, it has grown to be the most popular of those that have been released. Fans have continued to praise Thirdstory’s and Eryn Allen Kane’s brilliant work via social media and are slowly working to sell out the Spring 2018 tour set to begin on March 22, 2018, just shortly after the release of their album.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)