‘Among the missing’ packed with motivation, emotion


Anthologies of short stories are great ways to delve into an author’s writing style and creativity, as well as to explore their themes within different examples of their writing and to make connections between the various pieces. Dan Chaon’s “Among the Missing” is a great example of an anthology packed with unique stories and various styles.

Packed with twelve stories, Chaon’s collection uniquely illustrates the fear and misery often experienced in a lifetime. Each story has characters different from the last, with motivations and struggles the reader can connect and emphasize with. The anthology expresses realistic, raw struggles often hidden deep within oneself or too quiet to be noticed by others.

The emotional aspects of the stories were so rich and meaningful that there was no need for an external struggle of some sort or even any course of action. The anthology was full of internal conflicts that normal people go through on a day-to-day basis. Internal conflicts are often times more constant than outside forces, and the struggles expressed in the text give the audience a sense of realism. The collectiveness and pulsating of the characters’ stories were relaxing, yet slightly apprehensive at times, making Chaon’s novel a good choice to read on a peaceful or slow day.

Chaon’s “Among the Missing” is a great example of a book that will tempt the reader into thought-provoking ideas of the common human struggles and the fears we try to conceal within ourselves. Especially with short stories such as “I Demand to Know Where You’re Taking Me” and “Here’s a Little Something to Remember Me By”, this anthology’s themes of fear and secrecy will creep into your mind and stay there for who knows how long.