Wild west sci-fi, well worth the watch

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The wild west is often thought of with images of cowboys and Indians or damsels in distress and gunfights— robots are not often thrown into the mix.

HBO’s “Westworld” combines western and science fiction themes together in a unique, entertaining new television series. Westworld isn’t just an average amusement park. Intended for rich vacationers, the park consists of robotic citizens — or “hosts”—  and wild west inspired adventures to allow guests to live out their fantasies through artificial consciousness.

No matter how violent and horrifying the fantasies may be, “Westworld” guests can do whatever they please without any real consequences. The runners and creators of the park think they are in control, but when some of the hosts start to show signs of consciousness, things get messy quickly.

“Westworld” brings back the glory of the American frontier as well as indulging in the wonders of future technology. It is a show full of terrific sets, complex character-shaping and complicated yet fascinating plots that demand full attention lest the audience get lost in all of the information dumps. If one does not pay close enough attention to the show, it can be easy to get confused or mixed up with what is happening and how the world works.

The characters of “Westworld” are very complicated, but that is what makes them all so entertaining— no one is who they seem to be. Around every corner, there is a surprising revelation about characters, though if you pay close attention to minor details in the show, you may be able to guess certain elements before they are blatantly revealed. It’s like solving entwined puzzles and mysteries alongside other characters in the show. Sometimes it’s fun to have to figure things out for yourself instead of being spoon-fed bits of information.

“Westworld” is a refreshing addition to television. The concept is very original and unpredictable, and the show requires an audience’s full attention if they are to understand what takes place in the plot. This is not a show to put on merely for background noise. For an inventive, thrilling new experience in entertainment and television, “Westworld” is well worth the watch.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)