Smith releases second single for ‘The Thrill of It All’

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Sam Smith released his single “Burning” Oct. 26.

“Burning” is the second single Smith has released in wake of his upcoming album “The Thrill of It All” set to be unveiled Nov. 3.

Smith told Radio 1 “Burning” is his favorite song on the album, saying it is the most personal song he has ever written.

The ballad is absolutely beautiful.

The ballad begins slow and soft, as Smith relies on his voice and the piano, which is something he has mastered so well. Smith draws listeners in with his raw lyrics; all the bells and whistles completely unneeded as listeners choke up at his heartfelt outpouring of emotion.

Smith hits the listener with his venerable words, saying it’s “Funny how times goes by. Had respect for myself. That river ran dry. You reached a limit, I wasn’t enough, and it’s like a fire replaced all the love.”

Smith doesn’t hide his confessions, his insecurities, and his most personal pain. I think we often forget that music artists are people too, people with lives, heartaches, and failed relationships.

The courage it must take to broadcast a wound still so tender is sometimes lost on the general public.

Smith basically published his diary for all of us to read.

Smith isn’t arbitrary, and he doesn’t fall back on the never-ending clichés like so many artists can easily do. Smith stays real and genuine. I think what gets me the most is how simple all of Smith’s lyrics are. Smith isn’t trying to be powerful, he just is powerful.

“Burning” plays on nostalgia and the longing to go back and make things right. “Oh, had you ever called, I will burst straight back. Give you my forgiveness, and the shirt off my back. No friends to turn to, yeah, I messed up that. Wish I could smoke again just for a day.”

As much as I valued the lyrics of the song, I found myself disappointed at first at the lack of Smith’s vocals that I love so much in his other songs. There is nothing like when Smith showcases the strength of his vocal range. However, I wasn’t disappointed long.

The song ends with a chorus and Smith singing together with such power and emotion it gave me chills. Smith, once again, reminds us all how amazing his voice is, bringing the song to a completion.

“Burning” is not Smith’s typical song. The song is more mellow than usual, and for the most part, it stays on the same level. However, Smith makes something seemingly so simple into something memorable.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)