Unicorn frappuccino throws customers for a loop


Photo by Gabi Wy

The Unicorn Frappuccino

I would definitely be surprised if Starbucks hasn’t broken world records or its own records with the addition of its newest refreshment to the menu.

What is this drink, you may ask? Why, it is none other than the brand new Unicorn Frappuccino, available until April 23.

Of course this new treat added to the Starbucks menu would break headlines with its bursting, vibrant colors and the word “unicorn” in its title. So it was no surprise to witness numerous students flocking toward Starbucks or simply walking around and photographing the new drink.

But what about the taste? The essence of the drink itself? Simply put the word “unicorn” in the title and it will gain countless attention. Have a spot on, enticing presentation and it will automatically be bought for its pretty colors and  the sake of exposing it on social media.

The presentation gets an automatic A+ for the unique name and eye-catching color that gets people curious enough to buy the drink. However, the taste is what truly determines whether a food or drink item stays on the menu or is retired.

So in terms of taste, what does the frappuccino hold within its blue and purple depths? After experiencing the taste for myself, I can say that the newest addition to the Starbucks menu is exotic and different from anything else available..

While one would expect a frappuccino to be sweet, this frappuccino throws you for a loop and contains a more sour flavor. . For that reason, I give the taste a thumbs up.

It introduces a new flavor to the menu and gives the drink a kick. For a person who sometimes tires of sweet flavors, this drink certainly drew my attention. It gives me another option if I wish for a unique drink that is different from the rest.

So if the presentation doesn’t draw you in , perhaps you’ll be enlightened to know this isn’t your typical sweet treat. It’s a whole other drink entirely.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)