USI book a room

The first place students think to go when they need to cram for a test or quiz is the library.

This means grabbing a nice Starbucks drink and heading up to the rooms or quiet study halls up on the second, third, or fourth floor. However, there’s a problem you could possibly run into when you’re trying to study for that anatomy exam.

The campus library has created a new book-a-room system where you can reserve a study room for up to two hours.

This can either be really great or really annoying

The first problem is before you decide to pack your bags up and make your journey to the library you have to think about reserving a room. In the process of doing this, you are not sure if you’re booking the large six person room or a small single.

The second problem is if you need more than two hours to study and your two hours comes to a close, you are at risk of being kicked out for the next people.

This leaves you scrambling to find a new room not already reserved.

The BookIt system is not all bad, however. There are some good points about the new system.

First of all, if you absolutely need a room for a big group of people, then BookIt is perfect for making sure you have a time and a place to study.

Secondly, if you are someone who must study in absolute silence, then the security of knowing you have a room waiting for you at the library is an advantage, especially during finals times.

Overall, I think the system is unnecessary.

I simply look at the rooms in the USI library as a first-come-first-serve basis, and if you want a room, walk around and find one.

This new system is stressful and needs work, I’ve been to the library five times in the last week to study, and I’ve gotten kicked out of study rooms even after reserving them.

BookIt allowed two different people to reserve the same room.

Clearly, this system needs serious work.