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Spring break at home

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Next week everyone here at the University of Southern Indiana gets to take the week off.

No studies, no exams and even no time-consuming trips around the parking lot looking for a parking spot. Its spring break and I cannot name one person who is not ready for it.

The majority of students have gathered a group of friends together and already booked a hotel somewhere near a beach. Coastal temperatures attract college students on spring break.

It is like second nature.

However, despite the popular belief that you need to get a tan during your only week off during the semester, I am staying right here in plain-ole Evansville.

Some may think that sounds boring, yet I am completely stoked for next week at home.

First of all, I am saving a ton of money.

Second, my liver is very appreciative of my decision not to be a typical college spring breaker.

The way I see it, I get one full week to literally do nothing if I wanted. We are all complaining that we do not get enough sleep, so just sleep in every single day. I know I will still be cozied up in my bed at 10 a.m. next week.

Once I get fully rested after a couple of days, I will have an abundance of time to do anything and everything. I could take a couple of days to binge on my favorite Netflix shows, or have a Harry Potter movie marathon with some friends.

A low key activity, yet still yielding fun and enjoyment all the same.

I could take some time to venture off with some friends to the neat little coffee shops in the area, or explore the ever evolving downtown of Evansville.

I keep finding myself longing to dive into a new book series, but just cannot find the time to actually make this happen. I can utilize next week to make a trip to the public library or Barnes and Noble to fall into the world of words and let a story capture my imagination.

My closet is also looking a little bare; maybe it is time to take a trip to the mall and get some new clothes for the warmer temperatures to come.

There are so many good aspects of staying home this spring break.

To all of those who will be partying on the beach somewhere, have fun. I just know I will be having the time of my life right on my couch enjoying the essence of having nothing to do.

Once you get back from the sandy beaches and crowded clubs, you will have no time to chill and relax before the rest of the semester comes knocking back into your life.

So to all of those staying home next week, enjoy your time of complete nothingness.

You already know I will.

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Spring break at home