BTS: ‘Something new to experience’

Korean pop is a musical phenomenon that is quickly rising in popularity all across the globe. How could it not? South Korean music displays colorful wardrobes, exquisite dances, attractive artists and catchy songs. So it’s no wonder that K-pop has become a sort of religion in all parts of the world.

Recently in K-pop, a seven member boy band called BTS (short for Bangtan Boys) released four new tracks under a mini album entitled “You Never Walk Alone” on Sunday to add to their second full album “Wings” that was released last October. I’ve only just gotten into K-pop around a year ago, but it was BTS that ignited my love for it. BTS consists of four vocalists and three rappers, all of which have amazing voices that perfectly expose the emotion behind their songs.

BTS’s “Wings” album was their biggest break yet and shattered their previous music records. With songs composed by the boys themselves, they told stories of boys transitioning to men, overcoming the expectations of society and living out their youths. After “Wings” was released and having listened to the album repeatedly, it was only natural to get pumped for new music.

I was not expecting to receive new music so soon after “Wings”, but nevertheless, I was pleased and wowed once more by the hard work and emotion these young men have put into their music. Their work only continues to get better and better.

“You Never Walk Alone” consists of four tracks that switch from songs of youth to ones of fighting for what you believe in. One minute BTS will melt your heart with soft, slow melodies, and the next they get your adrenaline pumping with upbeat lyrics and hardcore dances. Even though it is only a mini album, that is all you need to be entranced by this group of heartfelt, witty individuals. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of BTS is that they greatly transpire their emotions and thoughts into the songs that they not only sing, but compose and write as well. So despite them being one of the most popular artists in South Korea, they still act like normal young men who have hopes and dreams like everyone else.

If you have not yet listened to K-pop or just BTS in general, then I highly recommend giving them a listen. If you are looking for something new to experience or a hard-working group that never ceases to amaze and surprise their audiences, BTS always gives their all.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)