SGA elects new president

The Student Government Association elected Christina Lutes as the organization’s new president following the resignation of former president Ashley Wright three weeks ago.


Interim president Ashyln Jones will step down and return to her duties as Executive Vice President. Lutes will serve as president for the remainder of the semester.


Lutes, a junior economics major, started as a Romain College of Business Representative last year before becoming the Associate Vice President of University affairs this year.


“I had some people that were pushing me to run and I thought I could fit the bill very well because I already attend SGA events or make SGA events,” she said.


Lutes said former AVP of University affairs Damien Burge instilled in her the confidence to pursue her goals.


“Being an economics major I love making decisions, especially the big ones and I think this new role will bring that out in me,” she said. “I’ve always wanted people to look up to me and appreciate some of the work that I’ve been doing.”


She said she gained experience from her time running a babysitting company along with her involvement with organizations like the Habitat for Humanity, but withdrew from these activities to spend more time on SGA.


Lutes said she hopes to improve SGA by making applicants wait a couple of weeks before being chosen for their position and connecting with other SGA’s across the state.

“I just need to keep my eyes open for different things,” she said.


Lutes said she will be in contact with the executive board to see what has been worked on and what they are still working on.


“I think the most pressing matters will come to me as time goes on,” she said. “Whenever you have a position, you only look at your position, so I’m planning on getting into the office next week and really digging into what they were doing and everything that was going on.”