SGA allocates nearly $13,000 in grants

SGA passed three resolutions on Thursday allocating $12,879.75 in grants to 18 different students and student organizations.

SGA distributed the grants three ways between the New Student Orginzation Start-Up grants, The Student Organization Support (SOS) grants and the Travel grants. $11,879.75 was allocated to the Travel grant, while $700 and $300 was allocated to the SOS and Start-Up grant respectively.

Two of the 18 grants were reimbursements from last semester’s December deadline.

SGA’s Chief Financial Officer Keegan Roembke said he did not receive the applications for the grants until after the end of the semester, which is why they decided to reimburse them at this deadline.

The student government has $15,300.25 remaining for the Travel grant for the rest of the semester along with $1,200 for the Start-Up grant and $11,300 for the SOS grant, which means they allocated just over a third of the available funds for the semester with two more deadlines remaining.

“Generally we would try to split it up three ways, but we had more applications this deadline than we had all first semester,” Roembke said. “It was just a lot more, plus we had two from last deadline. We felt like it was a pretty solid number. We wanted to keep it in between $10,000 and $12,000 for the Travel grant.”

Roembke said they allocated all $30,000 in Travel grant funds last semester, but did not allot the remaining funds for the other two grants.

The next two grant deadlines are Feb. 28 and Mar. 31. These will be the final two deadlines for the semester.