‘Shadowhunters’ improves with new showrunners

Changing the showrunners and writers of a show can definitely bring change. The fourth episode of the second season of “Shadowhunters,” the showrunners and writers had been replaced, and it’s safe to say that it was definitely for the better.

With the premiere of the fourth episode “Day of Wrath,”  I immediately noticed the changes the showrunners had made. As promised, they delivered a more character-driven plot rather than smacking the audience in the face with action sequences one after another. While there is plenty of action throughout the story, it’s important to develop the characters who drive the plot. My favorite thing about the new episodes is how the audience gets to delve deep into the lives and relationships of the characters. In the first season we didn’t really get the chance

I cannot express how relieved and happy I am to finally enjoy the scenes between Clary and Jace. Whereas I repeatedly cringed in the first season at the cheesy romantic scenes  between the two that happened way too quickly, I am pleased to see that the chemistry between the two is improving now that their romance is taking a breather and they have some major complications. I am also glad to see Alec and Magnus’s relationship growing slowly so we can stop and appreciate the sweet and genuine scenes between them.

Adding to the great character developments , the introduction of Maia was pretty satisfactory, except the fact  she transformed into a werewolf in the middle of a hospital (which is just reckless and confusing for a Downworlder to do when surrounded by humans). In episode six, “Iron Sisters,” we even start to see the upcoming friendship between Simon and Maia start to take root, which was very enjoyable since I was always intrigued by their friendship in the books.

Although I am pretty satisfied with the way episodes four through six have gone, there are still a few flaws and plot points that I am a bit confused about. There should be no possibility of bringing the dead back to life within this world other than changing into a vampire. The death of a certain character that did not take place in the books was probably the most shocking. However, I suppose the writers want to surprise the book fans as well as TV fans. But even so, the main character that died played an important role in the books, so certain plot points will definitely have to be modified. Although there are still some changes that are being made to the show that are not exactly my cup of tea, I am very pleased so far with the way the second season of “Shadowhunters” is going. The new showrunners and writers have very much kept true to their word that characters would be further developed, and it is certainly satisfying to watch that play out on the screen. With the way the past three episodes have gone, I am very much looking forward to future episodes and to see what else the new showrunners of “Shadowhunters” bring to the table for fans of the books and show alike.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)