College student vs. parking ticket

Let’s address this problem straight up and to the point.

The university hands out parking tickets like they have an elected official to monitor every single spot this school has.

I recently got a new car over Thanksgiving break and within 20 minutes of me parking (decal-less) to unload my car, I got a ticket.

I understand the rule that you must have a decal to be able to park in the apartment lots, but 20 minutes?


Thankfully my ticket was repealed. I moved on and I made it a priority to receive no more tickets. Unfortunately, I thought I would be more successful at not receiving any more tickets than I was.

A week later, parked outside a friend’s house for ten minutes, I received another ticket. 

I understand people have a job to do on campus, but why is campus security this dedicated to giving out tickets?

The only aspect of the ticketing process I respect is the fact that the appeal process is simple.

I’m not one to usually complain, but when something repeatedly happens I can’t help but get upset.

Instead of handing out tickets like candy, campus security could be tackling bigger issues on campus.

I have the utmost respect for the university and the people working on campus, but I think the parking rules should be a little less harsh.

One solution would be to give students a 1-2 day grace period in parking stickers upon returning from extended breaks, only due to students receiving new cars or something happening to their old sticker over the break.

Until this issue is less noticeable, I will continue to look down on it as a problem.

College students do not have the kind of money to pay for all these parking tickets, cut us a break.