Women’s basketball beats Hannibal-LaGrange 106-44

The women’s basketball team never lost its lead to Hannibal-LaGrange University.

The Eagles beat the Panthers 106-44 this afternoon with most of the team getting a chance to make an impact.

The bench lifted the team with 54 points and overall the team shot 52.4 percent.

“I think it’s a very exciting year just because we are so deep,” sophomore Kacy Eschweiler said. “When we send anyone in the level of play doesn’t drop.”

Assistant coach Randa Dallas said she hopes the bench’s performance increases its confidence.

“It shows how bright out future is,” she said. “It shows how committed our team is.”

The team also shined in the final stats with its rebounding. USI outrebounded Hannibal-LaGrange 59-27.

Eschweiler said rebounding is something the team works on a lot in practice and if they aren’t shooting well they get the extra play to help out.

The Eagles split the rebounds 24 offensive and 35 defensive led by eight from both Eschweiler and Morgan Dahlstrom.

One area where the final stats weren’t favorable for the Eagles was from behind the three-point line.

Dallas said the 15-percent shooting from three-point range is unacceptable.

“Our 3 point field goal percentage is a little scary,” she said. “It’s gotta get better.”

Dallas was pleased with the composure the team held throughout the game.

“They have become very composed, very confident,” she said.  “They have been challenged in so many different ways in the preseason. It’s just like a learned behavior to stay composed.”

The team will return to the Physical Activities Center Tuesday when it faces The University of Alabama-Huntsville.