‘Be a playmaker’

Sophomore guard confident in teammates, chemistry

Sophomore guard Alex Stein earned his first GLVC Player of the Week accolade after his performance this past weekend leading the team to two wins. He averaged a team-high 27.5 points per per game and finished the weekend with a 36-point performance against Ashland University. Previous to this, Stein was named the GLVC Freshman of the Year at the end of the 2015-16 season. The Shield spoke to Alex Stein about his recent honor and the season so far.

The Shield: What has the college basketball experience been like for you so far?

Alex Stein: It’s really been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot just from the guys and the coaches. Coming into my freshman year I really thought I was working hard on the court and then coming in the summer before freshman year when I got to know all the guys, they were a great example of what working hard really looked like. I try to use that while I’m in the gym by myself.

The Shield: What are some differences between last year and this year?

Stein: Over the summer I worked really hard in the weight room. I didn’t get to the basket as much as I would like to last year. That was really a big thing over the summer. I kinda got beat up under the basket. Now, I have a bigger role. I’m working on my game and hoping it carries over to the real game.

The Shield: How are you feeling about the season now that you have played a few games?

Stein: I mean I definitely feel like we could have a great year. We are definitely a championship team. We just have so many weapons. Our defense has tremendously improved. It could always get better, but just our effort and willingness to do what coach has us doing on the defense is great right now.

The Shield: What’s the team’s mindset?

Stein: We are really just trying to take it one game at a time. We want to win championships, but I want to treat each game like it’s our last game we are ever going to play. [We] play hard every game and never take a possession off.

The Shield: Have you and coach discussed what he expects your role to do for the team?

Stein: I feel like I am expected, I’ve talked to coaches a bit, to be a leader on this team. Just be a playmaker. Whether that’s for myself going and getting a basket or getting a play for my teammates. I’m just really being more of a vocal leader this year.

The Shield: How are you feeling in this role?

Stein: I feel really confident in that role. I feel really confident in all my teammates. They all work really hard. Our chemistry right now is really great. We are all really good friends already. Even with the new guys, they fit in really well with us.

The Shield: Has anything in particular helped them fit in?

Stein: We have a great team leader in Bobo. For me, when I came in as a freshman, he just made me feel really comfortable around the program. He helped tell them what to expect. I feel like he has done a great job. We try to give them confidence coming in and not having them worried. Just bring them in and give them the confidence they need.

The Shield: How did it feel to get the first weekly goal of your career?

Stein: I mean it’s pretty cool. It just shows that hard work is really paying off. That’s great and all, but these two wins and especially the win on Sunday was just huge for us. That was a great way to start the season we couldn’t ask for a better way to start.