International Extravaganza showcases cultures

The Shield talked to Cailan Walters, junior social work major, and the social coordinator for the International Club, about the International Extravaganza this Friday. Walters said the cultural event provides a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures.

The Shield: What is the International Extravaganza?

Walters: The International Extravaganza is this Friday 9 p.m. until midnight in the RFWC as part of the late night program. This event is also a part of International Education Week. At the International Extravaganza, there will be different cultures, dances and a fashion show. There will be a lot of booths and tables set up with games and cultures.

A couple other organizations such as the Saudi Student Organization and the Japanese and Chinese clubs have tables at the event.

The Shield: How does the event play into International Education Week?

Walters: The International Office will have different programs and seminars throughout this week that people who want to study abroad can go to. They have these fake passports you can pick up. If you go to two events and have those passports stamped, you can be entered in a drawing to win a $250 airline gift card.

The Shield: What are you looking forward to about the International Extravaganza?

Walters: I’m excited for the performances. We’re having some students doing traditional dances from their countries. Some friends from Nepal are doing a dance they recently performed at one of their holidays, we have a girl from Columbia teaching students a dance from their own country, and we have a guy from Ghana playing the drums.

The Shield: Why is learning about other cultures important?

Walters: Being in Evansville, Indiana, there’s not that much diversity. It’s awesome to come together and meet students from different countries. A lot of times we’re stuck in who we are and what we see is normal, and a lot of times international students just stick together. It’s great for them to be able to interact with American students. That’s why they came here, so it’s really important.