Transfer aims for championship

Junior Marcellous Washington will begin his first season with the men’s basketball team in less than two weeks. The 6’1” guard transferred to USI after playing basketball for two years at Sinclair Community College. There he averaged 10.5 points and 5.5 assists per game. The Shield spoke to Washington to find out his goals for the season and how his transition has been.

The Shield: Have you and Coach Watson discussed what your role will be this year?

Marcellous Washington: Definitely. My role will definitely be pushing the ball and getting guys who can score the ball. I’ll be really picking up the defensive intensity and just really pushing the ball. That’s my main role.

The Shield: How has your transition to the team been?

Washington: The transition has been good as long as I stay at the pace coach wants me to play at. I’m all ears right now because I’m new to the team.

The Shield: How does USI’s team differ from the team you were with last year?

Washington: From the junior college level and the NCAA level, guys are faster and stronger. In junior college you might have some guys who are fast sometimes, but now everybody is at least close to being the fastest guy all the time.

The Shield: After being with the team how are you feeling for this season?

Washington: I feel like we are going to have a good year. I feel like we have a lot of talent from the first man to the last man. I feel like if we all buy in and do what coach tell us to do there’s no question we should win a conference championship.

The Shield: Has that been discussed as the goal?

Washington: Winning is the ultimate goal. Conference championship first, national championship second. I feel like we can definitely do that this year.

The Shield: How has the transition been for the rest of the new players?

Washington: It’s been good. Everybody is just listening. Bobo is a good leader, Jeril is a good leader, Cortez is a good leader. They all have been here before. Listening to them really helps us out, especially the new guys so we can get acclimated to everything.

The Shield: How did the opportunity to come to USI present itself?

Washington: I guess just playing good basketball at my old school. Coach Gant came and saw me in open gym. We talked and I took my visit. I just feel like this is the best place for me and I feel like I made the best decision.

The Shield: Is there anything in particular that made you feel that way?

Washington: Honestly my uncle. He’s the head coach at Morehead State, he told me about the University of Southern Indiana and how good the program was. I tested the waters and he was right.

The Shield: How has the coaching staff been?

Washington: The coaching staff has been great. They get after me sometimes which is good. I’m loving it, every step of the process. I’m just enjoying it.

The Shield: Is there anything at the end of the season you would like to say you accomplished?

Washington: I would honestly love to say I helped the seniors win a championship. I want to bring the program to another championship. But I definitely want to play for my seniors. It’s their last year, last go around. I want to make it the best for them.