Senior named finalist for broadcasting award

Jevin Redman always played sports growing up.

Redman a senior marketing major and radio/TV minor said after being around sports all his life he thought he would try broadcasting and quickly became obsessed with it.

“Broadcasting is not hard but it’s not easy,” the Spin’s sports director said.  “Everyone thinks they can do it, but it’s a different world when you put on the headset and get in the game.”

Redman is one of the four finalists for College Broadcaster Inc. in the “Best Sports Play by Play” Category.

This is the second year Redman is a finalist for the award.

“I don’t get concerned about awards I just try to do my job the right way and I guess the awards support what I’m doing,” Redman said. “ I’m not in it for name recognition I’m in it to do it well and maybe it will take me somewhere.”

During a game Redman said it is challenging to get all the players names and statistics accurate because the games happen so fast.

“You’re going to mess up whether it’s live radio or TV and there’s no going back,” he said. “You have to be okay with screwing up and going on with the rest of the broadcast and not letting it affect you.”

Although the university isn’t known for broadcasting, Redman said he feels the university has “opened a lot of doors” for him.

“I now have a lot of relationships with athletes and coaches,” Redman said. “The athletics have a great following here. It’s not fun to cover a game if no one is listening, but you know everyone is there and they are listening.”

John Morris, general manager of The Spin said even outside of the competition Redman is an incredible sports announcer.

“He will do things very professionally,” Morris said. “He has God-given talents and he has worked hard to develop these.”

Morris said even though the position looks easy there are numerous hours of preparation Redman has to do before a game.

“You have to be able to fill time if something happens and know the trends that are happening,” Morris said. “Not only is (Redman) talented he is incredibly dedicated.”

Morris said Redman announces men and women’s basketball and baseball games and has gone to two different NCAA championships.

“(Redman) will travel to many of the away games,” Morris said. “He has had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and will be traveling to Puerto Rico with the women’s team.”

Morris said college broadcasters will start prepping for the game coverage during the off season, so they can review the previous highlights and games.

“The beginners don’t realize how much you have to do,” Morris said. “They think it’s like watching the game from their La-Z Boy chairs.”

Sports announcing is competitive and Morris said if you don’t put time and effort into what you do your chances are slim.

“I think if (Redman) wanted to go into sports broadcasting he will succeed,” Morris said. “We will hear from him in the big time.”

When Redman isn’t at his internship with the Evansville Otters Morris said he is helping mentor new students that come into The Spin.

“I turned the sports department over to him and with his talent level has been an incredible mentor and supervisor for the staff,” Morris said.

CBI will announce the winner in Philadelphia October 2.