Introducing intramural: RFWC brings new programs for fall

The Recreation Fitness and Wellness Center is introducing multiple new programs to start out the new semester, as well as returning annual events with new twists.

This year the staff at the RFWC will introduce a Housing and Residence Life Cup, Fraternity and Sorority Cup, 4v4 futsal and euchre.

Joseph Gratz, assistant director of intramural sports said the addition of new activities is based upon student discussion.

Gratz said there had been a buzz about euchre, a trick-taking card game which he said has been offered before.

“Obviously we can’t offer everything,” he said, “but we are always trying to listen to what (students) do want to offer and if we can do it we sure try to.”

The RFWC attempts to offer more than just athletic activities to reach students who may not feel they are athletic enough to participate in the sports. That was another push to add the card game to the activity schedule.

“Not everyone is an athlete,” Gratz said, “and not everyone likes sports.”

Intramural soccer had the most teams in program history last year which helped influence the decision to add futzal.

There were 50 teams last year and Gratz said there is a segment of students on campus who are really passionate about the sport.

The intramural soccer league is offered as a spring intramural and it would have been hard to make it a fall sport as well because of the amount of fall activities already offered.

Students will have the choice to participate in futzal, a version of soccer which is played on a smaller, indoor court.

Gratz said fraternity and sorority members make up a large portion of students who join intramurals so they are introducing the Fraternity and Sorority Life Cup. He said it might make even more participate now that there is a trophy up for grabs.

The same concept is also going to be applied to Housing and Residence Life. There will be a traveling trophy that can be won each year.

“If we can get students who are living in their housing units to play with one another it might build community,” Gratz said.

Karen Huseman, assistant director of programming for Housing and Residential life, said their staff is excited to have the opportunity to connect students with the RFWC.

She said it will allow students the opportunity to connect with people who may not be on their floor or right next door.

“I see this as a win-win for both departments and for students,” Huseman said.

Other than this year’s new activities, the annual Rock the Rec and Labor Day at the Lake will both take places soon after students are back in the swing of classes.

This year Rock the Rec takes place Aug. 24 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will bring two new activities, laser tag and bubble soccer.

There will be food provided and students are free to explore the RFWC climbing wall, exercise area or attend group exercise classes.

Gratz said the activities offered and events like Labor Day at the Lake offer students more than just an athletic opportunity.

“The whole social aspect of it is just really neat to see,” Gratz said.  “We kind of see it as more than a sports activity, they are making new friends, they’re having fun, getting some exercise, they’re maybe letting loose of some stress.”

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