Commitment issues

When I was 6-years-old I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian.

Until I realized it involved having to see cats in pain or having to put one down.

When I was 12-years-old I thought I wanted to join the WNBA.

Then I suffered from an injury that ended up changing my plans.

When I was 18-years-old I thought I wanted to major in theatre and eventually star in musicals.

Until I realized that lifestyle wasn’t for me.

Now at 19-years-old,  I am a journalism and art with an emphasis in photography double major with a minor in radio/TV.

Since starting university I have switched my major four or five times.

And that’s ok.

You hear stories about all people who go into professions they end up hating and it’s scary.

I still think to myself, “Am I good enough at what I do?” or “Will I be able to make a living at what I plan on doing?”

However, none of that matters.

What matters, is if you’re happy. We never know how long we are on this earth and the important thing is while we are here we make an impact and love what we do.

Students have the opportunity to intern, join clubs and be a part of something they are passionate about all within reach.

I thought I wanted to go into print journalism completely, but later found out photojournalism was what made me happy.

Although I had friends question what I was doing and if I was aware of the income decrease, I knew that having the freedom to travel the world and photograph life was what I should be doing.

Granted it sucks when you compare yourself to your friends who have their lives completely figured out and you feel like you’re stuck in a hole of cluelessness.

They found themselves at a different pace and that’s ok too. Life isn’t a race to see who can succeed faster or make the most money.

I realized at this point it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, because if you are passionate about something, you will do everything possible to make a dream possible.

Never be afraid to change your major or career path. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed it just means you’re on the pursuit to find happiness. Something no one else can find for you.

Take a deep breath and find your passion, it’s worth it.