Reward should outweigh risk

By the time this article is published, I will have done something that scares me to my core.

On Tuesday, I will speak at the Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event on campus. I will address a crowd of about 500 people about my rape and subsequent depression.

I’ve never been more nervous in my life. Why am I doing this?

I’m pushing past my nerves and fears and speaking out because I know my story will impact the lives of others.

For temporary discomfort, I will be able to do something great in this world — help another person in some way.

My story may help a fellow survivor seek help or report the person who assaulted them.

My story may prompt someone to find closure.

Sometimes what is uncomfortable causes us to grow and make waves in the ocean around us. Taking a leap can pay off.

When we are in a comfort zone in our lives, we can grow stagnant. Our stagnation stops us from pursuing opportunities to grow and learn.

If we stop doing things that cause us some discomfort, we will be doing ourselves a great disservice.

That’s not to say people should put themselves in danger by any means. There is a limit to doing what makes a person uncomfortable.

If it makes a woman uncomfortable to go on a first date at a place she has never been before, that is a scenario that may jeopardize her safety and she should prioritize her safety.

However, if a person got the chance to go on a service trip abroad, that may also make them uncomfortable. Although safety comes into play in this scenario as well, the reward may outweigh the risk.

The ability to travel and do something helpful trumps the fear of the unknown.

Again, this is all a matter of personal discretion. People know their limits.

Push your limits from time to time.

Try new things, connect to people, do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Perhaps your slight discomfort will spark change in your community or cause growth in your life, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.