Sometimes quitters win

This might come as a shock to some, but I’m not mad about the Internet troubles USI had this past week. Sometimes, the best course of action requires completely canceling prior plans, and the university pulled it off with flying colors.

In fact, I’m kind of happy with how the university handled the most recent in a long line of Internet problems, including outright canceling Assessment Day in hopes of avoiding an Internet nightmare.

This came as a great relief to those wondering if Internet issues meant the test might become some sort of printed-out paper nightmare.

With that step comes the true lesson to be learned from #Wifimageddon2K16: Don’t be afraid to pull the plug when the time comes.

I’ve yet to learn this lesson myself and have suffered for it. For the first seven weeks of the semester, I gleefully planned a camping trip with my closest friends for the first weekend of spring break.

Checklists were made, bags were packed way in advance, transportation was arranged. Everything was set. I was hype.

Except I had a big test a few hours before everything was scheduled to kick off (which I stressed out about so much I caught a sinus infection the night before), and I wasn’t doing hot on funds, and the weather turned out colder than predicted.

Because I didn’t have the gumption to pull the plug and reschedule the trip (or simply do something closer to home), five people and a dog ended up shivering their tails off.

We huddled around a campfire that cost $4 an hour to operate on store-bought wood, drinking either bottled water or ginger ale in hopes the little bit of vitamin C would help alleviate our tense muscles, sore from shaking all night.

Dreams of hiking, reading, telling stories and cooking great food were destroyed by the bitter reality that is camping in Indiana in early March.

They say quitters never win.

“They” haven’t spent the night cuddling a pile of camping supplies in the back of an SUV wondering why they hadn’t just played laser tag with friends and spent a night drinking and watching bad documentaries on Amazon Prime.