‘Allegiant’: an ugly, lazy film.

'Allegiant': an ugly, lazy film.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant” is probably the best comedy of 2016.

It’s a pity the cast and crew attempted an action film out of it. I almost felt bad laughing out loud during multiple scenes.

The second sequel to Lionsgate’s flaccid attempt at cashing in on the young-adult science fiction market blown wide open by “The Hunger Games,” “Allegiant” is probably the least entertaining sequel I have ever seen.

Note: I didn’t say the worst, simply the least entertaining.

For a movie that relies heavily on computer generated graphics, there are some laughably bad moments. A significant amount of money was dumped into making the ludicrously sci-fi gadgets and ships of Allegiant’s enemies look impressive.

Unfortunately, this meant the amount of time and money that could be spent on making the main actor’s green-screen shots was next to nonexistent. The film is littered with quick shots showing a character walking into frame or standing in front of something completely computer generated, yet the actor is lit from a completely different light source.

Purely going off what’s on screen, I’d accuse Lionsgate of pulling funding from the project before release.

Too bad the film was operating on exactly the same budget as 2015’s “Insurgent,” a decidedly bland film (notice the trend with “Divergent” flicks) but its effects were solid throughout.

“Allegiant” has performed so poorly on opening weekend, still needing $20 million to break even on budget costs as of this writing, that Lionsgate has already announced it is cutting the budget of next year’s final “Divergent Series” installment.


In addition to shoddy effects and a poorly-distributed budget, there’s not much to look at in the movie’s acting department. Shailene Woodley and Theo James barely have a facial expression to share between them at this point. What they laughably attempt to pass off as a romance amounts to the occasional kiss and heavy breathing while standing near each other.

It feels as if all acting talent is slowly sucked away as they slowly realize they have to make yet another one of these trite “Divergent” films before they’re done. Even legitimately talented actors like Miles Teller and Jeff Daniels can’t be bothered to actually, y’know, act.

I’d give this film a rating of one star, but I can’t bring myself to do that to a film that gave me six good, hearty laughing sessions. Last year’s “Get Hard” couldn’t even pull that off, and it claimed to be a comedy.