Take a walk

Don’t be like me.

Don’t work more hours in a week than you know deep down you can handle.

Don’t pay for access to the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center and then only use it for the one required health class.

Both archery and quidditch team members have said they enjoy their respective activity because it helps relieve stress.

In many instances, exercise and sports can help people relieve stress and improve their basic health.

The campus offers many opportunities to do just that.

There are club sports like quidditch or rugby.

Go out and watch a match and see if you like it, or swing by a practice and try it out. Even if in the end it doesn’t work out, there was still time spent outdoors and an escape mentally and physically.

There are also intramurals.

Many of the sign-up dates for spring sports have passed, but wiffleball, tennis doubles, singles tennis and kickball all have sign-up dates in April.

Indoor activities are always an option as well.

Take a yoga class or a group exercise class with friends.

Either way, indoors or out, the activity is helpful for both the mental and physical well- being of students.

Don’t be like me.

Utilize the resources around you. Don’t make ex- cuses from inside your room or complain about how nice it is outside while you’re not.

It’s not admirable to never take time for yourself. It’s u healthy.

If someone in your life is constantly like this, tell them to take a walk, literally. The trail is pretty nice.