Regarding sexytime


It’s a part of our lives for the good and bad.

Recounting sexual exploits is a college tradition. But when you assess the ass you got, what are you really judging? Size? Duration? Intimacy?

Looking back on all of my sexual encounters, the ones I have the best memories of all have one thing in common. They were one particular kind of sex.

There are three types of gettin’ busy, each with its  own pros and cons, but one means of making whoopee stands above the rest (and you can even do it standing).


This form of shagging is solely to “get your rocks off,” as the kids say.

It is animalistic in nature, usually with no eye contact, and is most often enjoyed with someone whom you have little to no romantic interest in.

Oftentimes, it is the form of bumping uglies chosen by one-night-stands. For example, my intoxicated encounter with a male friend. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.


It feels great. You get to live on the wild side and explore fun and kinky fantasies.


There is no emotional connection or satisfaction, only carnal. Sometimes this can leave you with an empty, “what now” feeling.


This is your middle of the line nookie, which you know because it’s simply referred to as “sex.”

When having sex, your partner is usually someone whom you have at least mild interest in. There is often some amount of eye contact, and maybe even a little bit of an emotional connection.


Sex is relatively casual, but can be the start of something more serious. More emotional connection means more emotional pleasure and satisfaction.


It’s not as fun as fucking, but not as intimate as making love. This is the blandest of all three types of sex. Sex is just OK, not great.

Making Love:

This is the form of copulation that can only be achieved with a partner who you are intimately connected with.

You don’t make love with a one-night-stand. One must be in love to make love.

I’ve only made love with two of my partners, both of whom I had been dating for some time before our sex reached the level of love making.

My best sexual experience comes from making love with one of these partners.


A deep level of intimacy means a strong connection between you and your partner. A close partner knows how to please you (and you them). After making love, one feels both physical and emotional satisfaction.


Making love isn’t common and doesn’t happen every time, even for committed partners. Beware, it can sometimes be faked to create a false connection.

Although each form of fornication has its time and purpose, making love is the be-all and end-all of intercourse.

As  journalist  Hunter S. Thompson said, “Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”