Archie’s Army budget approved

Archie's Army will use $2800 for tailgating events

Archie’s Army is putting the “fan” in “fanny pack.”

Student Government Association approved representative Alex Hoffmann’s Archie’s Army budget allotment at its meeting today.

Hoffman, SGA’s administrative vice president for Archie’s Army, proposed using his organizations budget of $2,800 to purchase items for tailgating events at baseball and softball games.

The items include a flag and a pole, stickers, lanyards, fanny packs, baseball tees, food, drinks, and condiments. The budget allotment will also cover a grill rental.

“When Archie’s Army, formerly Red Zone, started, we didn’t have a whole lot of anything,” Hoffmann said. “What we did for last semester was decide what we needed to do. This semester, we’ll put those things into action.”

He said in the past, the organization gave away fan items “arbitrarily.”

“Now that we’re more of an organization with actual members, those items like tee shirts will be perks for members who engage,” Hoffmann said. “We’ll use that as a driving force to get people out to events.”

He said Archie’s Army currently has about 10 members with a consistent presence at organization meetings.

“We now present a structured group,” Hoffmann said. “We want people to engage with us.”

Hoffmann said within Archie’s Army, he has several younger members he’s confident can keep the organization strong after he graduates.

“I’m actually talking to one about taking my position next year,” Hoffmann said. “The younger members will have three or four more years in the organization rather than just a few semesters.”

Freshman member-at-large Matt Kreutzer serves as Archie’s Army’s secretary, and said he looks forward to the organization’s success.

“This is just the beginning,” Kreutzer said.

Archie’s Army meets at 4:30 Tuesdays in UC 206.