‘The Overnight’: Sexual, strangely touching

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Come for the prosthetic penises, stay for the subtle charm.

“The Overnight,” directed by the relatively new Patrick Brice, is a sexual comedy that explores the awkwardness that is making adult friends.

The film stars Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”) and Taylor Schilling (“Orange is the New Black”) as Alex and Emily, a modern couple that relocates to Los Angeles.

When their son makes friends at a local park, they are unexpectedly invited to a “play date” by his new pal’s father, an eccentric entrepreneur named Kurt (Jason Schwartzman, “The Darjeeling Limited”).

The evening starts out swimmingly at Kurt and his French wife Charlotte’s decadent domicile, but when the kiddies hit the hay, the parents start the real “play time.”

The night quickly becomes more and more interesting as the peculiar antics by Kurt and Charlotte push the Los Angeles virgins to their limits.

Despite the overtly sexual nature of the film, which features dangling schlongs, butthole art and breast milking, Alex and Emily discover new sides of themselves in some strangely touching moments.

The droll but lighthearted nature of this vibrant flick creates a short but sweet cinematic adventure, running at only 80 minutes.

While each actor has his or her funny-bone moments, Schwartzman consistently steals the spotlight.

Unlike most sex comedies, “The Overnight” does not slap people’s faces with crude humor and cheap shenanigans. The plot manages to take obscenities and give them purpose, without going overboard.

Also, unlike most crass comedies, “The Overnight” was off the beaten path just slightly enough to keep me guessing. Every time I thought I knew exactly what was in store, I was pleasantly led down a much more crafty path.

This raunchy, sex romp skinny-dips deeper into common adult dilemmas without becoming too heavy hearted but makes for a great late-night watch and parenthood look a little less monotonous.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)