SGA seeks wet-campus, better programming

At its first meeting of 2016, Student Government Association brought up “initiatives” to be further discussed during the semester.

The Student Government Association wants to see USI transition to a wet-campus.

Banning classes from 11 a.m. to noon and decongesting parking were also among the list of “initiatives” SGA established Jan. 15, at its first meeting of the new year.

The initiatives, which began as a list of bullet-pointed ideas on a whiteboard in the SGA office last semester, were introduced to members, and task forces were established to get the ball rolling on implementing the initiatives.

Financial Officer Aaron McCullough said the goal of this semester’s government is to start raising awareness and circulate petitions in favor of the initiatives among the student body.

If 10,000 people sign a petition and it’s presented to the administration, it would look bad on USI’s part not to give in, he said.

Dean of Students Bryan Rush, who was in attendance, said it wouldn’t be that simple and the university needs to take into account state laws and other factors before giving in to student demands.


In SGA’s ideal future, diplomas would list the graduate’s major, not just the type of degree he or she received.

Communication plan:

One area designated by SGA as needing more attention is establishing a communication plan, which would create a priority calendar on USI’s website, make sure OrgSync remains up-to-date and revamp the USI mobile app.

Programming hour:

In the future, SGA wants to implement a “programming hour,” which would prevent the university from scheduling classes between 11 a.m. and noon, dedicating that hour to events like the new logo launch and the campus-wide anniversary picture on the quad so  an optimal amount of students are able to attend and take part.