Travel changes lives

When you’re 30,000 feet up, cramped in a little seat, forced to use a bathroom that would be too small for a Smurf to walk into, you begin to think, is it worth it? And then you realize you’re only 30 minutes into your 20-hour traveling extravaganza.

Is traveling abroad worth it?

Most definitely.

College is the prime time to travel. I have found it exciting to talk to people who are also pursuing a career like mine and comparing and contrasting. Not to mention the opportunity to study abroad at Harlaxton College in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, England.

Granted, I haven’t studied abroad, but I did visit the beautiful country of England over winter break, where I met family members I haven’t seen in eight years. The traveling experience was far from perfect, but it’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Walking onto the plane I saw roomy seats, that probably later on would become beds, glasses already filled with champagne and the overhead storage almost empty. Then I  hear the dreaded words from the stewardess “keep going back.”

The eyes of the first class passengers meet mine and they look at me as if I’m going off into the depths of pain and suffering. But wait, I am. The wonderful world of economy seating, or should I say those of us that don’t want to take out a house loan.

After I landed and got in the car, I looked out the window to see the beautiful English country-side filled with thatch cottages, castles and sheep and suddenly that long plane flight didn’t matter, and I just wanted to immerse myself in the deep history of the country.

It’s worth being cramped in a small seat and practically dying of dehydration because when you see landmarks like the Canterbury Cathedral, Poole Harbor and the English Channel, you learn so much about that country and the culture. Especially how England relies a lot on the Channel for their food supply and tourist attractions.

Traveling has had an amazing impact on my life, opening my eyes to new cultures, foods and a new way of life. I found traveling has made me a much happier, free spirited and enlightened soul.