O.A.R. to bring ‘unique sound’ to the Ford Center

Bradie Gray

You will dance and have a good time at the O.A.R. concert Friday – at least that’s what bassist Benj Gershman said.

The “Of a Revolution” band member said the fun they have at shows is why they perform.

“We can guarantee people will have a positive experience and will hopefully be better off when they leave than when they got there,” Gershman said. “We’re going to have a really fun, spontaneous, energetic show and you can just count on that.”

The band will round off SpringFest 2015 at 7 p.m. Friday at the Ford Center.

Their SpringFest show is one of three of the band’s concerts this weekend.

“We’re between tours and this is what we call a “one off,” but it’s really a “three-off.” We’ll also be in Iowa and Minnesota this weekend,” Gershman said.

Gershman said the band name “Of a Revolution” comes from a story vocalist and lead guitarist Marc Roberge wrote when he was in high school.

“The story is called “The Wanderer” and to me, the meaning of it really stems from the idea of having a positive change in our life that was the music and the enjoyment that came from the music and the performance of the music,” he said. “It wasn’t a revolution about politics or anything like that. We just focused on something simple and good that we were experiencing at the time.”

Gershman said O.A.R. has its own unique sound.

Despite sporting red, yellow and green on some of their album covers, having what some might call a soulful sound and admittedly being influenced by reggae, Gresham said the O.A.R. is not a reggae band.

“I think one of the really cool things about reggae music is that it’s spiritual music, and I think the lyrics Marc (Roberge) writes are very spiritual. There’s some crossover there, but in no way are we or have we ever tried to be a reggae band. We are an original band.”

An original rock band, that is.

“We really have a lot of different things that go into our sound, but ultimately it just comes back to rock ‘n’ roll and we’re putting on a concert that people can come to and dance and really enjoy,” he said.

Greshman said his favorite song to perform is “52-50,” a song with lyrics inspired by a soldier who shared personal experiences with the band.

“It’s a very meaningful song to us,” he said. “When we play that song, it really puts me in a place where the music speaks for itself. I love the meaning of the song. It’s one of those moments in our concert where I know we’re making a difference.”

Greshman said the set list for Friday has not been made yet, so he doesn’t know if they will perform “52-50.”

“I would say it’s possible, but there’s no way to know until the day of. People can submit requests for what songs we will play through our twitter @ofarevolution,” he said.

Student tickets for the concert are on sale now for $5 at the USI Campus Store.

Students with a USI ID will be able to purchase one ticket for $5 and one guest ticket for $10 using cash, credit, debit, checks or Flex accounts.

Tickets will be available until 3 p.m. Friday or until they sell out.