Hackert to teach math, coach eventually

Caitlin Golden

Senior Anna Hackert averaged 18 points per game and 9.7 rebounds. She earned a number of honors during her four years at USI and helped the team to the NCAA tournament this year. The Shield sat down with Hackert to talk about the season and graduation.

The Shield: How do you feel the season went overall?

Hackert: It went really well. We made it to the NCAA and that was the goal.

The Shield: Can you talk about how it felt being named honorable mention All-America by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association for the second straight year?

Hackert: It felt really good because having that recognition meant all the hard work paid off and our team did really well this year.

The Shield: In the same week you, received another All-America award from the Women’s Division II Bulletin. What was it like hearing that?

Hackert: I mean it really was the same feeling it’s nice to be recognized for everything I’ve done throughout the year.

The Shield: You became the third player in the program’s history to receive the awards back-to-back. How did it feel knowing that?

Hackert: It’s a really neat feeling, especially to be up there with LeAnn Freeland and Eileen Weber. I know they were really great players when they were here, so to be in that category is just an awesome feeling.

The Shield: What was the biggest thing you wanted to accomplish this season?

Hackert: Obviously, everyone’s goal is to make a championship, making it to the NCAA was something I’ve wanted for my entire life, so making it there was just a great feeling.

The Shield: In addition to your awards, you were also named the first-team All GLVC for the third straight year. What is it like receiving all these accomplishments- especially during your senior year?

Hackert: I mean, it was great way to go out. Ultimately, I care about winning, so if these accomplishments came with winning it would have been great.

The Shield: You had a lot of success this season. What do you think made this season so successful for you?

Hackert: I just had a really good team. They were there for me the whole time, I love being out there with them and wanted to help them win. I think that’s what made it so successful, because I love every single one of my teammates.

The Shield: What plans do you have post-graduation?

Hackert: I’m hoping to get a teaching job in math education. Eventually, I’d like to coach somewhere.

The Shield: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen joining the team?

Hackert: Your biggest motivator is yourself, and you really have to want to get better and want to win and that’s the only way you’ll be successful is to become better.