Consistency is Key: Softball team looks to promising season

Bradie Gray

The women’s softball team is ready to come back with a “loaded” team full of upperclassmen and experience.

The key to this season is consistency.

Coach Sue Kunkle said that inconsistency was the team’s main struggle last season.

“We were an outstanding team on Saturday, but we struggled on Sunday. Or we would be awesome in the first game and win and get run rules the second game,” Kunkle said. “We were having a very inconsistent season, so we were never able to get over obstacles to put us in a different seating for post season.”

Kunkle also credits last season’s struggles to the high expectations the previous team left behind.

“We kind of came in just expecting to be good and when our inconsistencies came into play, we struggled. So this year we just attacked a little bit of a different approach and we’re just being a little more aggressive,” she said.

Along with it’s aggression, Kunkle believes the leadership will play a big role in this season’s success.

“We have a huge core of our starting and past players back and we have great leadership with our two seniors, Brooke Harmening and MacKenzi Dorsam, and we have a lot of experience in our junior and sophomores,” Kunkle said. “We are pretty loaded this year. We have a lot of talent.”

Dorsam agreed that the team’s inconsistency is something they will have to overcome this season.

“I’m really hoping that the inconsistency will not be a problem this year. We’re looking at mental aspects of the game and attempting to be mentally stronger,” she said. “We have a lot of age on our side and it’s not the same problem with juniors and seniors. You see a lot more inconsistency with freshmen.”

Dorsam has faith in her current teammates, both upper and underclassmen.

Harmening is the pitcher and one of the leading hitters every year.

“Janna Green is a junior and one of the most consistent players on the team. She’s always that spark for us. We can always count on her to bring us some big hits,” she said. “We also have a really good freshman class.”

Dorsam said the team’s main goal this season is to make it to regionals.

“We will not accept anything less than that this year,” she said.

Dorsam and the rest of the women’s softball team will start their season Feb. 6, against the University of West Georgia in Hunstville, Alabama.