The Greek Life PR ploy

Brenna Wu

Winter has arrived, which means basketball season is in full swing.

When I first came to USI, I did not know what to expect as far as fan sections for basketball games.

I came from a high school where students painted in blue and white flooded the gymnasium.

USI has a similar fan section, but instead of all the students trying to squeeze into the stands, it’s the Greek Life organizations that fill the stands decked out in blue and red and white.

It seems to me that the Greek students only attend the basketball games as a group so to speak.

I have seen a few Greek students at soccer games, but never to an amount that parallels attendance numbers at the basketball games that are dressing up and cheering for the team.

So, what is all of this “team spirit” at basketball games really for?

Good PR for Greek life?

I know that a few of my sisters from my sorority usually go to the basketball games together, but they sit in the seats with most of the other students and parents.

If the Greek students are trying to get good PR, then that is fine, but there are other things on campus to support as well and not just the basketball team.

There are numerous athletic teams here at USI.

Just because I am an athlete does not mean that I want the whole Greek system at one of my tennis matches screaming and yelling – although that would be awesome.

USI has so many cool and unique teams to support besides the basketball team, and being a student-athlete, as well as being in a sorority, I want to be well-rounded when I support the athletics of USI.

It not only shows that I support these individuals as a fellow athlete, but also as a member of Greek Life.

In Greek life, we even have a few individuals who are a part of different athletic teams.

Show up to support them.

As student-athletes, my teammates and I are highly encouraged to attend all sporting events in order to show “athletic unity” among all the university players.

I love hearing about Greek Life organizations excelling in leadership positions and academic excellence.

School spirit, however, is for everyone, not just the Greeks.

For those in Greek life, I want to see more headlines about USI excellence rather than hearing that a certain fraternity painted the American flag on their chest.

We definitely need a spirit raise at this school.

In order for this to happen, we must start with building the name of USI first in order to have spirit for the screaming eagles.