But baby, it’s cold outside

Brenna Wu

Temperatures have severely dropped within the past couple of weeks in the Evansville area.

Whenever I see snow start to fall, I break out the thick jackets, gloves, scarves, ear warmers – the whole nine yards.

Some ladies on campus, however, would rather look cute than dress warm for the weather.

As soon as the snow started to fall, I expected all of the women of USI to break out their UGG winter boots and my hope was for them to put away their yoga pants.

Or, at least just wear them in their own homes.

I was completely wrong.

I have seen several ladies walking around campus wearing just leggings, UGG boots, a long sleeve t-shirt and maybe a North Face jacket and wondering why in the world it is cold outside.

Maybe it is because they are not dressed warm at all.

When I see women, in particular, not dressed warmly for the wintery weather, it makes me laugh at first, and then I sigh at how desperate these women are for attention.

Some days, the temperature drops below ten degrees.

You will definitely see me bundled up on campus with layers upon layers on.

I would rather be warm and cuddled up like the little boy on the “Christmas Story” rather than shiver and wonder stupidly why it is cold outside.

This doesn’t just pertain to the women, but also the men on campus.

I often hear men just manly say that it is not even that cold outside.

I see them wearing shorts. Shorts! How?

Stop trying to be manly and just accept that it is below ten degrees.

Do you want to catch hypothermia?


No one wants that.

Bundle up and keep from catching anything before the holiday season.