‘The Great USI Wi-Fi Breakdown’

Brenna Wu

From the beginning of my time at USI, I have noticed one failing quality – the Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi on campus is free to anyone, but unfortunately, that “free” quality comes with a great price.

With all the students taking great advantage of this Wi-Fi, the Internet is more likely to crash or become slower.

As a freshman, I did not have that problem because I lived off campus, but now that I am living on campus, I have experienced the Internet crashing multiple times.

Last week, my roommates and I experienced the “great USI Wi-Fi breakdown” when registration was going on.

For a good ten minutes, we were shouting across the room to see who would get the Internet access back first.

We were all doing something that required Internet access, and we were stuck without the access for the rest of the night.

Yik Yak immediately blew up with complaints, and many students were furious trying to find ways to get the connection restored.

With registration for classes going on, the Internet grew weaker and weaker.

With so many people getting online, it’s easier for the Wi-Fi to crash just as it did this past week.

I guarantee that if the university made an effort to look into having a better Wi-Fi system, students would be supportive.

I imagine that there will be a fee if this ever occurs in the future, but I promise students would be happy to pay it for the guarantee of excellent Wi-Fi with quick service and access that thousands of students could get on.

If this Wi-Fi situation is not looked at soon, USI will have a handful of angry students on their hands.