Q&A with Fawn Ryan

Sarah Loesch

Senior accounting and professional services major Fawn Ryan recently earned her 1,000 career kill during the volleyball team’s match against Cedarville University. The Shield sat down to learn a little more about her.

The Shield: How long have you played volleyball?
Ryan: I’ve been playing since I was eight years old. Can’t do that math of the top of my head but since I was eight years old in the third grade. And I’ve been playing club volleyball since then. I was around it all growing up because of my sister.

The Shield: Was playing college volleyball always your plan?
Ryan: It was always in my plan. I knew probably since my sister started looking at going to college and playing too, that that’s what I wanted to do. I played other sports in high school but I always knew volleyball was what I wanted to do.

The Shield: As a senior on the team, do you find yourself in a leadership role?
Ryan: Yeah, I would say I feel like I have a leadership role. I’m one of the captains on the team and when it gets down to us going point by point I feel pressure to perform well and do well.

The Shield: With your most recent accomplishment in mind, do you have a greatest accomplishment you are working toward?
Ryan: There are a couple greatest accomplishments that I would like. I would like to win the conference tournament this year; that’s one of our big goals. I would like to beat my sister in kills and I would like to go pretty far into the post season in the regional tournament.

The Shield: Do you do anything before a match to either calm your nerves or motivate yourself?
Ryan: I wouldn’t say there’s anything really in particular that I do. Sometimes I listen to music. It just depends on my mood that day.

The Shield: What is something besides volleyball you really enjoy?
Ryan: I would just say sports in general. As soon as volleyballs over and we can play intramurals, I cant wait to play basketball. I would say just sports and going and supporting my family when I can.

The Shield: What is something that makes you different from other volleyball players?
Ryan: One thing that I would say that is different about me is I get really excited when we get a point. I just have like a real passion for the game. I like going out there and having fun and just bringing the fire.

The Shield: Do you have strong relationships with your teammates?
Ryan: I would say that our team is one of the closest teams in the GLVC. We don’t have any drama, we all get along really well, and we can all go hang out together. I’ve heard from different players on other teams that they don’t have as good of chemistry with some of the girls, but everyone on our team is really close.

The Shield: Do you know your plans for after graduation?
Ryan: I don’t, but I would like to get a coaching job in or around Batesville. I don’t know exactly what else I’m going to do, but probably try and find a job.