New Archie simply PR ploy

Brenna Wu

Archibald T. Eagle’s makeover was introduced to students at this year’s Midnight Madness.

It seems that the powers that be felt the ultimate need to bring about a new, better looking Archie in order to give off the appearance that USI was changing everything, which started with the logo.

Was this move necessary for USI?


My roommate Courtnee Bratton, a sophomore nursing major, felt that the change was unnecessary as well.

Colleges need a refreshing mascot that gives off a courageous appearance for the school, but a change implemented only to give support because of the logo change seems pointless.

I found the new Archie to be somewhat scary in person.

Sophomore tennis player Ashlee Hasson said she felt intimidated when she looked at the new Archie.

Obviously, the students see that USI wanted to give its mascot a fierce look.

Good job USI, you now have frightened a few students on campus with your new Screaming Eagle.

This new debut is just a way for USI to get better public relations – not only with other schools around Indiana, but also schools within the athletic conference.

This change seems senseless.