Leave names out of Yik Yak posts

Brenna Wu

Recently, the app Yik Yak has been the talk of college campuses.

The app allows students to post comments anonymously about any random topic of their choice and a location feature allows one to view the “yaks” in a certain area.

The viewers can decide if they want to “like” the vote by clicking up or “dislike” the vote by pushing down.

The posts are without a doubt hilarious and very relatable to a college student.

For example, a recent post noted, “Vending machines are out of energy drinks. What is my tuition even going for then?” The post received over forty “likes.”

Students feel that others accept and understand what is going on in their lives without even knowing who is posting what.

Unfortunately, everything does go too far at a certain point, and Yik Yak has.

Lately, I have seen posts on app that degrade some of the sorority women on campus.

Several posts have been included something derogatory towards the women of Delta Zeta and the Alpha Sigma Tau sisters.

Most people see the comments and immediately joke about it. But a young lady in my sorority said she was verbally called a slut on the app. The post included her name.

Do not shame a person publicly in a matter of seconds. The comments are anonymous, but when a name is used in the post, it becomes personal to that particular student.

People will always post about certain Greek life organizations, or even some of the athletes on campus, but to involve a specific name goes beyond what I believe the app was designed for.

The app is great, and I love looking through the hilarious day-to-day hiccups of the students on campus. It makes me feel that I am not alone, but when I do see students’ names involved, it becomes a different situation.

Hiding behind a post gives a person quite the cowardice look.