Churches should stop judging, marry same-sex couples

Brenna Wu

As of Monday, Indiana’s ban on gay marriage has been overturned.

According to Gov. Mike Pence, he will follow the new law regarding unions of same-sex couples. But, to him, people can agree to disagree, ABC News reported.

No offense Gov. Pence, but you are without a doubt wrong. People should be allowed to be with whomever they want whenever they choose.

I, like Pence, have a firm belief in traditional marriage, but when it comes to true happiness within a couple, our opinions differ greatly.

As a Catholic, I grew up with the understanding that a man was to marry a woman, and anything different was viewed as an abomination against the Catholic Church. Luckily for me, as I grew more mature, I became aware that gender and sex are two different things altogether.

I firmly believe that God created everyone and that God ultimately wants everyone to choose whom they want to be, not what society wants them to be.

I like to believe that everyone has equal chances, and now with this same-sex marriage ban lifted, everyone really does have that opportunity.

Pence does have a point, though. Not everyone has to like the law, but now they must obey by it.

Unfortunately, not all churches are following along.

Now churches must decide whether or not to support same-sex marriages, and legally, the choice is the Church’s, but it is legal outside church doors.

Yes, different churches have different opinions regarding same-sex couples, but what happened to not judging others, or even the idea of seeing people for who they truly are?

My mother once told me to give everyone a chance, no matter the person’s eye color, hair, skin, gender or anything else. People need to be reminded of that core value that lies within.

Same-sex couples have been waiting for their chance to be considered equal among the rest of the world. Do not stop them. Give them the chance they so desire. Give them the chance to make their own mark.

The world is becoming more equal, but whether or not churches around the world are jumping on board is a different story.

Indiana is finally on board, though, and I know many students on this campus who could not be happier.