University says nearby shootings not cause for concern

Rachel Christian

Two nearby universities experienced shooting incidents over the weekend  – one at Indiana State University and the other at the University of Kentucky.

A student reported being shot near one of the residence halls Saturday at Indiana State near Terre Haute. It was quickly determined that the shooting was an isolated incident and the victim was the shooter’s sole target.

The victim and the shooter knew each other prior to the incident, and were seen together earlier in the day. A suspect has been arrested in the case and the victim is expected to make a full recovery.

A second incident took place at UK Sunday night.

Surveillance cameras show four men – later confirmed to be members of the UK football team – shooting off an air-soft gun in one of the quads. All of the players were suspended for the upcoming game. No one was injured.

Despite the two incidents, Assistant Director of Public Safety Stephen Bequette said USI is not increasing security and there are no plans to do so.

“We don’t see a need to increase security because these were two unrelated acts of violence,” he said.

Bequette advised all students to be mindful that these kind of incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Even though there isn’t need for concern, he said everyone should be mindful of the situations around them.

“We feel we have a safe campus and we work hard to keep it that way,” he said.