New campaign lets students decide how money is spent

Rachel Christian

Clare Scheller said students should know how their money is being spent and have a say in where it goes.

Scheller went before the Student Government Association (SGA) Sept. 18, to get the organization’s opinion and feedback about forming a student committee in charge of the campaign fund.

“All In For USI” is a student-funded campaign modeled after “Elevating Excellence,” the university’s capitol campaign, which is aimed at faculty and alumni. The money raised by “Elevating Excellence” has helped fund scholarships, building projects, purchase new technology and more.

The idea is to form a committee run by students that determines how student contributions are spent.

Scheller said she thinks students will be more perceptive and willing to donate knowing they have a say in where their money goes.

Scheller said she would like the committee to consist of about 10 to 20 students.

“We want to have a good representation of the entire student body,” she said.

Any student can sign up to be on the student giving committee by contacting the Foundation.

Scheller said that joining the committee won’t be a time consuming obligation for students.

The committee will decide if the money should be used to fund scholarships, study abroad or some other project.

The Foundation will advise and make suggestions, but overall, the students will choose what to do with the student fund, Scheller said.

SGA President Zack Mathis said student giving problems are common at other schools, and he would like to see every member of SGA make a small contribution to the campaign, which was unveiled at the student involvement fair Sept. 3.

Scheller said she has been working hard to spread awareness about the campaign, and said students don’t have to contribute a lot to make a difference.

“I gave up Starbucks for a day and made my five dollar contribution,” Scheller said. “It wasn’t a big sacrifice and if everyone did that, we could fund some really amazing things on campus.”

She said she felt it was important to start a student campaign because many students think their tuition helps pay for scholarships and other expenses on campus, which isn’t always true. Many programs and services are funded through charitable gifts.

Student’s can contribute to the campaign by visiting